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Having a problem with a jQuery pop up modal (top right beside my name). It works grand before word pressing the site (http://edwardmanson.com/test/) but after linking it all together and putting it in wordpress it stops working (http://edwardmanson.com). Any help would be much appreciated to get it working.


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The problem appears to be a jQuery version conflict. At the top of your live page, you have included jQuery 1.7.1. At the bottom of the page, you have included jQuery 1.4. I did some experimentation, and found that it works if you remove the inclusion of jQuery 1.4.

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Wordpress's packaged jQuery defaults to noConflict mode, so $ won't work out of the box, use jQuery like jQuery('document'), or wrap your code like

(function($) { 
    // Code that uses jQuery's $ can follow here.

or in your document ready like this:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    // Code that uses jQuery's $ can follow here.

and as Ethan Brown said, you're loading jQuery twice, at the very least it's wasting bandwidth...

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