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Using JavaScript, I am trying to replace an attribute inside an html tag, and have come up with this regex:


This works. However, I want to be able to specify to look for the same type of quotation mark enclosing the attribute value. So, for example, I want to specify if this is the form <tag attr='data'>, to look in the SECOND quotation mark for the single one, not the double one. The inverse case, <tag attr="data"> would be similar; match the SECOND mark with double quotes, not single ones. This is to help me protect the function call against strangely formed HTML.

So, how can I achieve this?


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Wouldn't using the DOM make more sense? –  Sean Bright Sep 17 '12 at 19:59

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Try this:



<tag     # Match <tag (\s* is not needed since whitespace is illegal here)
[^>]*    # Match any non-> characters
attr=    # Match "attr="
(['"])   # Match a quote, remember which kind; {1,1} can be dropped (it's a no-op)
(?:      # Try to match
 (?!\1)  #  (unless it's the corresponding closing quote)
 \S      #  any non-whitespace character
)*       # any number of times
\1       # Match the corresponding closing quote
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Awesome. Thanks for the explanation! Really makes it better for me, that way I can learn how to incorporate that into other regexes. –  Juan Carlos Coto Sep 18 '12 at 15:47

Try this:

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