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So, I am trying to create a timer event (in C++ /clr this time) but I don't know how to define a new event, this is what I got:

namespace hook
    public ref class Tick
        static System::Timers::Timer^ aTimer;

        event EventHandler^ OnTick;
        int Interval;

            aTimer = gcnew System::Timers::Timer(Interval);
            aTimer->Elapsed += gcnew ElapsedEventHandler(Tick::execute);

        static void execute(Object^ source, ElapsedEventArgs^ e)
            this->OnTick(this, new EventsArg()); // Wrong
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You are trying to access an instance member (OnTick) from a static method, that cannot work. Remove the static keyword to get:

 void execute(Object^ source, ElapsedEventArgs^ e)

Which requires that you change the event subscription code, you must create a delegate that stores this:

 aTimer->Elapsed += gcnew ElapsedEventHandler(this, &Tick::execute);

One more mistake, you misspelled EventArgs. It is so common to pass that it has a pre-cooked object, returned by Empty. Cuts down on the garbage:

 this->OnTick(this, EventArgs::Empty);

Watch out for writing code that just duplicates the original class without adding value.

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