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I'm using Ada and getting and int, and I need to check if it was a character that was converted to an int by converting it back and testing it against a character. The problem is I don't wanna type

if intToChar(popped) = 'a' | 'A' | 'b' | 'B' | (etc.) 

I'm new to Ada, so I was wondering if there was an easier way to do this instead of typing out 52 ors. I've tried a few things, but no success.

I was wondering if I could use something like a character range 'a'..'Z' (also, does 'a'..'Z' get the whole alphabet? Or maybe 'A'..'z'?), but I know these are values, not actually characters when used in a type.

I could also make a function to check, but I only need to do this at one spot in the code, so a shortcut I'm missing here would be nice. I could also use a function that checks if a variable is a character, if that is included in Ada.

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You don't really need maps for this:

Subtype Uppercase is Character Range 'A'..'Z';
Subtype Lowercase is Character Range 'a'..'z';

If C in Uppercase or C in Lowercase then
End if;

Of course for more complicated checks maps {or sets} are the way to go.

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Found Ada.Characters.Handling.Is_Letter()

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Good find. Make sure to thumb through the rest of the provided standard library ( ) to see what other such goodies are available. – T.E.D. Sep 18 '12 at 14:23

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