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I understand all the restrictions that Apple has and the options for running an app in the background. But at the end, even if I use any of the allowed methods if someone terminates the app, there is no more process running in the background.

But then how did Apple use the "Find iPhone" app to respond to requests sent from another phone, when the user's phone I am "polling" didn't even start the app yet, or better yet they terminate the "Find iPhone" app, I can still poll the phone?

Is Apple using undocumented/non-public features?

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Apple almost certainly is using undocumented/non-public APIs to implement "Find My iPhone". That said, it is possible to keep an app running in the background in certain circumstances. Have a look at the "Implementing Long=Running Background Tasks" section of this Apple document:


Obviously that's only going to work if your app is using services that Apple deems appropriate to run in the background, as per that doc.

Note that there are still some limitations: nothing I'm aware of will keep your app from getting closed if memory runs low (but I have one app that uses location services in the background, and I've honestly never seen the app closed because memory was running low). Also, your app is not going to run itself on startup, somebody's still going to have to click the icon.

There may be ways to implement a more-complete solution to keep your app running in the background if you jailbreak, but I'm assuming that you want to be able to distribute your app through the AppStore.

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Yea, thats what I thought. Thanks. –  NYTom Sep 17 '12 at 23:13

Apple is using non-public features. Find my iPhone works without the app even running, and even if you close the application.

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Thanks I figured thats what it was. –  NYTom Sep 17 '12 at 23:15

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