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Could anyone help me get the first tab idMso value of an opened Outlook item window? I need to dynamically set it in a ribbon xml file, since I figured out it would be redundant to add each item window into the xml code. If anyone has an existing solution to share, that would be great.


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What have you tried so far? –  Olle Sjögren Sep 18 '12 at 9:52
still empty handed at the moment. I'm using Ribbon XML and VB.net which makes editing the ribbon at runtime impossible; found the idea here stackoverflow.com/questions/5780063/… –  kmanxi Sep 18 '12 at 22:53

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Solved it :)

Just edit the return string from the GetCustomUI on runtime, but trap the explorer item first

Public Function GetCustomUI(ByVal ribbonID As String) As String Implements Office.IRibbonExtensibility.GetCustomUI
    Dim strResText As String = ""
    Dim strGetRes As String = ""

    Select Case ribbonID

        Case "Microsoft.Outlook.Appointment"

            strGetRes = GetResourceText("OutlookAddIn.Ribbon1.xml")
            strResText = strGetRes.Replace("TabNewMailMessage", "TabAppointment") 'default value of it is TabNewMailMessage

        Case Else

            strResText = GetResourceText("OutlookAddIn.Ribbon1.xml")

    End Select
    Return strResText
End Function

Original XML string:

<tab id="customTab" label="myCustomTab" insertBeforeMso="TabNewMailMessage" visible="true">

New XML string on Appointment item window:

<tab id="customTab" label="myCustomTab" insertBeforeMso="TabAppointment" visible="true">
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