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I use following code to center images horizontally and vertically in DIV
Properties given to DIV is width & height, overflow:hidden, and display:block.

Problem: margin-top and margin-left miscalculated only in Chrome, while code is working perfectly in FF and IE

$('.centerImage').each(function(i) {
    var divH = $(this).parent().height();
    var divW = $(this).parent().width();
    var orgImgH = $(this).height();
    var orgImgW = $(this).width();
    if (orgImgH > orgImgW) {
        $(this).css('width', divW);
        var imgH = $(this).height();
        var mTop = (divH - imgH) / 2;
        $(this).css("margin-top", (mTop < 0) ? mTop : -mTop); //if margin-top value is less than 0 use as is and greater than 0 multiply by -1
    } else {
        $(this).css('height', divH);
        var imgW = $(this).width();
        var mLeft = (divW - imgW) / 2;
        //alert(imgW); alert(mLeft); //chrome bug
        $(this).css("margin-left", (mLeft < 0) ? mLeft : -mLeft);

Any ideas?

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is this code being executed within a dom ready callback? i.e. $(document).ready(); and are you sure all your images have their widths and heights fully loaded by the time this code is executed. Chrome tends to run a little faster than the other browsers so may highlight race conditions more readily. By 'miscalculated' do you mean off by a few pixels or just totally wrong? – Pebbl Sep 17 '12 at 22:58
try alert() some of the variables or writing them to some html element. I would also check what is "this" referring to. is the code being called after the document has loaded? – Martin Sep 17 '12 at 23:00
@Martin - this will definitely be referring to each element in turn that has the class 'centerImage' applied. – Pebbl Sep 17 '12 at 23:06
What is the DTD of the page? – Lyndon Sep 17 '12 at 23:40
Yes code is executed in $(document).ready(); and I am actually running it in a static local page so yes all images are perfectly loaded. in chrome, it just calculates margin left value and it's always equal -97! even if the case is that the image should be given margin top, it gives it the margin left value equals -97! – user63795 Sep 18 '12 at 3:59

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