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Ok I have a table on a worksheet which has some columns for some calculations

PPS | Qty | TtlPrice | Comm | Fee | Ttl | format

Column Definitions

  • PPS - straight Numeric(9,5)
  • Qty - straight Numeric(12,0)
  • ttlPrice - PPS * Qty
  • Comm - Standard flat rate
  • Fee - =IF([@PPS] > 1, -SUM(0.005 * [@Qty]), 0)
  • Ttl - =SUM([@TtlPrice]:[@Fee])
  • format - Conditional formatting control column

Problem is that when I evaluate the Fee column it actually does the inverse of what you would think. Any value above 1 is evaluated as True in the conditional clause section which then evaluates -Sum(.005*[@Qty]) instead of 0 and the vice is true, any PPS less than 1 is evaluated to False.

Is there a quirk that i havent noticed before when dealing with row reference in tables of Excel that would cause this nature?

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See @Gimp's answer. To expand more, the IF formula works like this: IF Condition is True, Then, Else , so as written above, your Fee formula says **IF** the value in PPS is greater than 1, **THEN** negate the product of the quantity value *.005, **ELSE** 0 – Scott Holtzman Sep 17 '12 at 23:45
damn your right, been looking at greater than and less thans too much today....gotta love the minor syntactical problems. – GoldBishop Sep 17 '12 at 23:47

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Have you tried this for your fee?

=IF([@PPS] > 1, 0, -SUM(0.005 * [@Qty]))

Your question's confused me a bit, so please comment if i'm missing something and i'll revise/ delete my answer.

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The problem is that i am getting the inverse of the logic. If the PPS value is Less than 1 it should result in the negative calculation. If the value is greater than 1 then it should result in a 0. – GoldBishop Sep 17 '12 at 23:40

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