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I'm trying to save a bmp file to a long raw column in a legacy oracle database using java, but i does not work well. This is the code i used:

InputStream input2 = new ByteArrayInputStream(bytesArchivo);
String sql = "UPDATE firma_legal SET " +
                     "      firma = ? " +
                     "WHERE cod_unicom = 1120";
OraclePreparedStatement  stat =
                (OraclePreparedStatement) connection.prepareStatement(sql);
stat.setBinaryStream(1, input2, (int)archivo.length());

The code execute well, but when i see in the database, it does not update the row that i want, instead, it put this string "BMF;".

Row updated

How can i do to insert this file into long raw column?

Thanks for your help.

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big mutha f'er? –  tbone Sep 18 '12 at 0:19

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Please check the values archivo.length(), is that equals 4?


There or only 4 bytes available in input2, try input2.available() to check out.

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Hi Ronson, the length is 15895, i didn't put the rest of the code for simplicity, but i checked it before write it to the database –  fcartu Sep 18 '12 at 13:07

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