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I'm working on some legacy code that has a table within another table. Both have ids. I need to select the tds in that nested table that have a particular class attribute. This is using Prototype... again a byproduct of it being legacy code. How could I select all of the particular tds and traverse them?

  <tr><td colspan="2">
    <table id="tableIWant">
         <td class="classIWant"></td>
         <td class></td>
         <td class="classIWant"></td>
         <td class></td>

So I want to select the all of the tds with class="classIWant" in the table with id="tableIWant" using the Prototype framework. How may I do this?

-Thanks from a newbie engineer.

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Use $$ to select with a CSS style selector in Prototype.

var allTds = $$('#tableIWant td.classIWant');

to iterate over then:

allTds.each(function(td) {
    // Set background to red on selected tds.
    td.style.background = '#f00';
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