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Does anyone know of a TextArea component with autocomplete? I understand Flextras.com's Autocomplete can be reskinned as a TextArea but wouldn't know where to begin.

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+1 for giving me some love. ;) In theory, replacing the textInput with a TextArea on a custom skin should be easy [enough]. I think the problem is where to position the drop down w/ the AutoComplete suggestions; and how to replace just a 'snippet' of text. I'd be happy to do a custom build for you if you have a budget for it! I don't know of an existing TextArea AutoComplete component. –  JeffryHouser Sep 18 '12 at 2:50
Hi Flextras! Really like your work and you're always here to help out so thanks :) I don't have any experience with skinning components yet but am going to tackle thiss tmw as I want to learn it. Many of the autocomplete solutions I've found this far aren't mobile optimized so your mobile autocomplete is definately what I'm going to work with. –  RapsFan1981 Sep 18 '12 at 3:14

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If you just wanted to auto complete on each word, similar to (Ctrl-Space) in most IDEs, then you could try doing it yourself.

I would imagine that you would catch the change event on the text area then do some comparison (something like startsWith) of the characters preceding the carat against some pre-populated collection of words.

Flextras poses a good question, in how do you display suggestions. One idea would be to use a custom context menu, discussed here, containing your suggestions. There's also a decision to be made on when to display it. Do you display it constantly as the user types, or maybe when they use a key combination (Ctrl-Space).

It's an interesting challenge.

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