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When attempting to return the value associated with any of the “Qx_x” when the http:// address is loaded to Q91_1, the Navigator fails as it interprets the “Id” in “ProjectId” as a valid token - even though the intent is to only pickup "f id=" . Is there a way to alter the expression created to prevent the Navigator from not functioning correctly?

public string GetResponsesValue(string fieldHeading) {
// Use XPath to get the response value.
string expr = string.Format("/Fields/f[@id=\"{0}\"]", fieldHeading);
XPathNodeIterator xpni = Navigator.Select(expr);
return xpni.MoveNext() ? xpni.Current.Value : null;

// Cached XPathNavigator
private XPathNavigator xpn;
private XPathNavigator Navigator {
get {
if (xpn == null) {
    XPathDocument xpd = new XPathDocument(new StringReader(SurveyResponses));
    xpn = xpd.CreateNavigator();
return xpn;

The data in “SurveyResponses” referenced above in StringReader is represented below.

DataResponse XML structure appears as follows (start end arrows removed to allow entry here Fields f id="Q21_1">30121 /f f id="Q91_1">http://xxx.yyy.net/run.aspx?GroupId=188&ProjectId=1096&RecordId=634 /f f id="Q48_3">22101 /f /Fields

The code works fine as long as the string containing the URL isn't included in the XML.

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Qualtrics XML data? –  Eric J. Feb 22 '13 at 23:24

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