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I use vim in a c++ code with openmp sentences. And in my ~/.vimrc

 set ai " auto indent

my problem: when I use a openmp sentence (this begin with #) the cursor jump to begin of line without the auto indent.


int main()
  int idx = 100;
#pragma omp parallel private(idx) // jump to begin of line

when I like this

int main()
  int idx = 100;
  #pragma omp parallel private(idx) // this is ok

ok I can set this in the autoindent in vim ?

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How are you opening the newline on int idx = 100; or the line below ie o or O – Adrian Cornish Sep 18 '12 at 2:24
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Vim puts a line in column 1 when it starts with # (preprocessor directives), if cinkeys contains #.
So you can remove # from cinkeys to disable this feature:

:set cinkeys-=0#
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