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Sorry but I am a newbie... I have checked other questions but nothing has worked and I am not great with SSH.

Followed the steps to connect to EC2 with SSH in Eclipse. Worked like a charm. Then I terminated the working server and started a new instance.

Now I can't connect and receive
RSEG1066 "Failed to connect sshd on server name" Auth failed

Also Port 22 is open ->
Port 22 (SSH) Source:

My SSH connection references the new hostname and I have applied my .pem file via rsa. Any thoughts? What else should I check?

Thank you.

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Seems many people are having this problem with AWS when terminating an instance and launching a new instance. Here is what I did to solve the problem for me.

  1. Terminated instance
  2. Deleted key pair from AWS console
  3. Deleted key pair from client
  4. Launched a new instance
  5. When prompted, used a different name for my key pair (.pem) file
  6. Choose the default security group
  7. Added SSH / Port 22 inbound access to the security group
  8. Connected (with user *ubuntu* since I am using an ubunutu server)

And if using Eclipse RSE like the tutorial link in the original question, be sure to restart Eclipse before connecting.

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