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I want to show the contents of a hidden div in a light box when the page loads.

How can I do this with color box?

What I'm not understanding:

Do I need to use their CSS files? Which ones, where is it?

How do I make the lightbox come up when the page loads?

I tried this but no luck:

    $("#div_id_i_want_to_show").colorbox({width:"50%", inline:true});
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jyoseph's answer was on the right track. I also had to make the div visible before it would show up (otherwise it just shows a black screen). and then I had to hide the div after the user closes the light box.

Note: I also had to edit the css file to point to the directory where I put my images.

Here's my final code:

    $.colorbox({'href':'#div_id_i_want_to_show', 'inline':true, 'width':'600px', 'height':'600px'});
    $(document).bind('cbox_closed', function(){
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You can forgo the showing and hiding by placing the div what you want to show "#div_id_i_want_to_show" inside a hidden div. –  mcassano Oct 4 '10 at 21:46

You do need to use the ColorBox css file from whichever theme you want. There are 5 included in the download. See the folders Example1, Example2, Example3, Example4, Example5. Each one will have a css file and a folder with images. You can also create your own custom theme, if you wish.

In order to open ColorBox on the page load you need to use the public method: $.colorbox()

Working example: http://jsbin.com/uficu

In that example I have html: <div id="content">Hello from JSBin</div>

And the public method: $.colorbox({href:'#content', open:true, inline:true})

Check out the documentation: http://colorpowered.com/colorbox/

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Try the open option Olli.

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Here's a trick. It isn't necessary to add javascript (or hook the colorbox close event) for this.

jquery.colorbox relocates your inline content into a structure it creates off the html>body root, before displaying it, and moves it back when it's closed. That's a strange behavior IMO, but take advantage and apply your 'hide rule' accordingly.

 #div_id_i_want_to_show { display: block; ...your other style rules... }
 #divParent #div_id_i_want_to_show { display: none; }
<div id='parent'><div id='div_id_i_want_to_show'>...

Alternately, invert the rules and place a 'reveal rule' that depends on a colorbox-defined element.

 #div_id_i_want_to_show { display: none; ...your other style rules... }
 .colorbox #div_id_i_want_to_show { display: block; }
<div id='div_id_i_want_to_show'>...

Oh, also, yet another option is to keep your #div_id_i_want_to_show inside a .hiddenDiv wrapper.

 #div_id_i_want_to_show { ...your style rules... }
 .hiddenDiv { display: none; }
<div class='.hiddenDiv'><div id='div_id_i_want_to_show'>...
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