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We have a very large number of reports created to use the BDE driver.

Our application has been migrated to a database that can be accessed via ODBC. All Tables, Fields etc. are comparable.

As there are many Crystal reports in existence (including some developed by/for third parties) we would like to be able to change the Database Driver used by a report on the fly at runtime, from our Delphi-7 application.

In Crystal there is a menu Item to change the driver for a report ( - and if manually converting a report this does exactly what we want.

Many Thanks in advance for your help.

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There's a ConvertDriver method for the TCrpeTables class but not sure if that is of use or not? – Jason Sep 18 '12 at 4:45

In my CrystalReportWrapper I send the connectionstring of my TAdoConnection, to change the connection in the report of crystal report.

<TCrpe>.Connect.ServerName:= AServerName;
<TCrpe>.Connect.UserID:= AUserID;
<TCrpe>.Connect.Password:= APassWord;
<TCrpe>.Connect.DatabaseName:= ADataBaseName;
<TCrpe>.Connect.Propagate := False;
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