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            <!-- Images slide as a row starts -->             
            <!-- power.views.IMAGE_SLIDES_ROW returns image_slider_row/   -->
                {% url power.views.IMAGE_SLIDES_ROW %}            
            <!-- Images as a row Ends --> 

url conf:

url(r'^image_slider_row/', views.images_slider_row_func, name='image_slider_row'),

View :

def images_slider_row(request):     
    print "Debug-1"    
    return render_to_response('images_slider_row.html', {}) 

actually I am expecting "images_slider_row_func" will get call on url tag execution but it is not happening, it is showing following string in the browser


am I missing anything or am I misunderstood the concept? Please help me for fixing this issue.

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Even though {% power.views.IMAGE_SLIDES_ROW %} points to a view, django cannot resolve it unless it is in, so why no just do a {% url image_slider_row %} ?? – karthikr Sep 18 '12 at 7:51

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{% url ... %} does not call the url but puts text to make that url either from named url or view path etc.

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