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I have one string such as Date which has the value of Dates. Below is a sample value:

string Date = 05;

When Date is between 01 and 09, Date value should ignore "0". For example it should be "5". If it is "20" means then it should not ignore "0".

How to do this in C#?

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Question makes no sense. What exactly are you asking. What are you searching for and what are you replacing with??? –  Phill Sep 18 '12 at 5:29
What exactly do you need? its not clear at all, if you are displaying the date as string then use dateTime.Now.ToString("d/MM/YYYY");, using a single d in the format will give you 5 for day not 05. If that is what you need, you may specify that in the question. –  Habib Sep 18 '12 at 5:35

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Seems like you're trying to convert a string to an integer ?

Try Convert.toInt32(date); which will return an int... then calling ToString() will give you the string representation if necessary.

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You can use String.Replace() or Regex.Replace(). But it's hard to understand how to solve your problem effectively without more details/code.

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you know you could use an int for this...

int month = 5; //is 5 and not 05 as an example

why do you have a string?

Also, in c# Dates have a special variable, the DateTime. You can store months, days, years, hours etc. in them. This might be related to what you are looking for.

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