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I am creating an application which sends the location information to the server. But when the back or home button is clicked the application is stopped. Is there a way to make the application run continuously in background and sends data to the server ?

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and also check this stackoverflow.com/questions/8332819/… –  Ram kiran Sep 18 '12 at 5:41
check commens ware location poler its the best out there for poling the location to a server github.com/athulh/cwac-locpoll –  droidhot Sep 18 '12 at 5:49

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Use a background Service. Services are application components which can run in the background without user interaction. A good tutorial on Service in android is from this.

You probably want to start the service on launch of your Activity, or you can register for system broadcasts like BOOT_COMPLETE to keep your service running from boot up.

However, keeping your service running throughout without user knowledge is a bad idea, and drains battery also. You probably want to wake up the service using AlarmManager, do processing, schedule next restart, and exit.

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You need to run a Service class for your own application.

Refer this for more information


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