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The core specification for Bluetooth 4.0 defines GATT procedure Read Long Characteristic Values, which is used to request a characteristic value longer than the limit of ATT_MTU - 1 bytes.

Is this feature supported by CoreBluetooth( and iOS)? The peripheral device is a TI CC2541 dev kit.

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Yes it is supported on iOS6 anyway - if you request a read on a characterstic that is set up to be longer than 20 bytes then iOS will return that longer data.

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Thank you for your answer. Could you please provide more references or samples? – ZhangChn Oct 26 '12 at 2:15
Sure - if you have a characteristic on your peripheral set up to to return a long value then when you call [peripheral readValueForCharacteristic:characteristic]; the delegate will be called back with didUpdateValueForCharacteristic and data of the full length of the characteristic - so this is no different to reading a normal lengh characteristic. Setting up a long charactristic using the TI CC2540/1 - the TI SDK has nothing helpful in the docs on this - but I put a few pointers in this post on the TI forum here: – Simon East Oct 26 '12 at 12:08

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