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I am having this problem i cannot solve and I hope ill find someone willing to aid me here- I have 2 hard drives. The 1st one (Source) has 2 partitions. !st partition has German windows xp installed and second partition has English windows xp installed. Now i need to clone one of the windows to the ned hdd (I do that because i sometimes need to install eng and sometimes ger windows). Now to do that i use partition to partition copy with clonezilla. Everything goes ok, but one thing, pretty crucial- I cannot boot from the new hdd... I checked I want to clone bootloader, the files are there for sure because i can see them from the source drive.

Did anyone went through this kind of problem already? I would aprichiate any help.

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You can use some partition software like AOMEI Partition Assistant, then you could use their feature "migrate os to ssd of hdd" which will contain all your drivers and registered programs, you do not to reinstall the OS, drivers and programs. You can find the software on PCworld

They speak highly of it, it also highly spoken on many download site and forums.

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