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I have two tables...

**project table

 id    client   
 1    James              
 2    John              

**images table

id   projectId      imagePath
1    1               images/image1.jpg
2    1               images/image2.jpg
3    2               images/image3.jpg
4    2               images/image4.jpg
5    2               images/image5.jpg

As you can see, one project has many images. I want to display that this way...





This post gave me what I want

But when I echo like so

<img src='".$row['imagePath']."/>

the results in image tag I get this

<img src="images/img3.jpg,images/img4.jpg,images/img5.jpg">

instead of

<img src="images/img3.jpg"/> 
<img src="images/img4.jpg"/>
<img src="images/img5.jpg"/>

How can I change the query so that I can display the images properly/separately

this is the query I am using

$sql="SELECT images.projectId,project.client,
GROUP_CONCAT(images.imagePath SEPARATOR ', ') 
AS 'imagePath' 
from project left JOIN images on 

thank you guys...

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Depending on how large your table and result sets are, you're better off with the GROUP_CONCAT and explode() suggestion that people have made. If you do the query without the GROUP_CONCAT, you'll get the overhead of fetching and sending the project and client data with every row. With the GROUP_CONCAT option, you don't get this overhead. However, keep in mind that GROUP_CONCAT is limited to 1024 bytes by default. You can tune this by changing the group_concat_max_len option. – Nim Sep 18 '12 at 6:50
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You could try using foreach to loop through different values.


foreach (array_expression as $value)

First insert all the values you get in an array like this:

$imgArray = explode(',',$row['imagePath']);

Then loop through this array as:

foreach ($imgArray as $img)
 echo "<img src='$img'" />";
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Thanks thanks guys for all your answers.Using explode and looping through did the trick. – Victor Njoroge Sep 18 '12 at 7:08

you have to break the string like below

$imgArray = explode(',',$row['imagePath']);
//then do 
foreach($imgArray as $im)
 if( is_readable($im) ) {
         echo "<img src='$im' title='Image' />";
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I believe that EXPLODE is the answer.Look at PHP explode - running loop through each array item Stack overflow question. I believe that it will answer to your question.

Also, I think (another approach) if you change ur query to

FROM tblProject tp 
JOIN tblImage ti ON tp.Id = ti.ProjectId

then a simple loop will be easy to get you through.

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Because you are using GROUP_CONCAT which is returning all non-null values as string.

You can use below query:

$sql="SELECT images.projectId,project.client,images.imagePath SEPARATOR
AS 'imagePath'
from project left JOIN images on 

And loop through result.

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