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I am making games on Cocos2d Engine and I have to make a Universal Game. The practice I am following is described below. I have a set of 2 Images , one is Non HD and other is with -HD mentioned below.


image1.png -> I am using this just for Iphone


image1-hd.png -> I am using this for Iphone-Retina, Ipad + Ipad-Retina

This is what I am following and thats a time taking task. Is there any other good and easy automatic procedure I can do or I have to stick with the procedure above?

Having 1 "Image.png" for Iphone saperately AND Having 1 "Image-HD.png" for Iphone-Retina, Ipad + Ipad-Retina (Which can give bad results on Ipad Retina and a bit on Ipad too)

Is this a good practice?

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don't forget iPhone 5 layout ( use autolayout ). Here is a guide of naming: michaelgilkes.info/… ... -hd should be in lower case . –  Raptor Sep 18 '12 at 6:27

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Yes. It's good practice, and the only practice I would recommend. In your case I would definitely consider adding -ipadhd resources as well, otherwise your game will look like a regular iPad game on the Retina iPad.

For the process I recommend TexturePacker. It has an Auto-SD feature that automatically rescales standard resolution images from the high resolution images. It automatically creates the corresponding atlas.png from atlas-hd.png and the ipad versions too.

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