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I'm using TFS SDK. I mapped a project with TFS on Visual Studio. And in my code, I check the server path and local path is mapped already? Their values are true, but workspace.DeleteMapping() method throws when I try to delete the mapped path.

It says "Doesn't find any mapping in [local path]" . But workspace.IsLocalPathMapped(LocalFolder) method returns true value?

WorkingFolder workfolder = new WorkingFolder(ServerFolder, LocalFolder);
workspace = workspaces[0];
if (workspace.IsServerPathMapped(ServerFolder) && workspace.IsLocalPathMapped(LocalFolder))
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IsServerPathMapped and IsLocalPathMapped tell you if a given server path or local path is underneath (or equivalent to) one of the workspace mappings. For instance, let's say you had a recursive mapping set up like this:

C:\dev\project -> $/TeamProject/Main

If you ran IsServerPathMapped on the item "$/TeamProject/Main/Solution/foo.cs" it would return true because that file lies underneath one of your recursive mappings. The IsServerPathMapped function is asking "If I do a GetLatest will this file be in my workspace" and here the answer is yes.

If you can explain a little bit more about what your trying to accomplish with this code, I may be able to point you at different APIs to use.

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Thanks for explanation. I still working about "get latest" and "build" projects with TFS SDK. On our server, all project mapped already. And When I used workspace.Get() method, it will get latest version all of project in workspace. But I want that, it brings only selected project. I tried deleting mapping projects in workspace and I create mapping only selected project but I couldn't. – mozkarakoc Sep 18 '12 at 13:11
What does your mappings look like? I assume you are saying that you have $/ mapped to some local drive. You want to start by removing the mapping for $/ and then adding a mapping for $/TeamProject (or deeper in the tree if that is what you want). – Taylor Lafrinere Sep 18 '12 at 13:34
Exactly as you said. I have $/ mapped to my local but I want to get latest $/TeamProject to my local. Therefore, I tried deleting mapping $/ and creating mapping with $/TeamProject – mozkarakoc Sep 18 '12 at 13:46

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