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I have a program to get data from database mongodb but I failed to get next data

This code

Dim listOfBusiness = New Generic.List(Of Business)
Dim mongo As MongoServer = MongoServer.Create(otherComputerToServerSafeUpdate)
Dim db = mongo.GetDatabase("namedatabase")
Using mongo.RequestStart(db)
    Dim collection = db.GetCollection(Of BsonDocument)("tablebusiness")
    Dim queryPlaces = query.WithinRectangle("LongitudeLatitude", (Longitude - minimumBlock), (Latitude - minimumBlock), (Longitude + minimumBlock), (Latitude + minimumBlock))
    Dim ListCollectionBusinessCursor = collection.Find(queryPlaces)
    For Each ReturnedDocument In ListCollectionBusinessCursor
        Dim aBusiness = New Business(ReturnedDocument)
    Next ReturnedDocument   'Got exception here
End Using

This is my exception

Mongodb query exception

QueryFailure flag was assertion db\key.cpp:409 (response was { "$err" : "assertion db\\key.cpp:409" })

I try queryplace in mongodb shell, I got 13 result

Queryplace="{ "LongitudeLatitude" : { "$within" : { "$box" : [[-80.293072110482868, 26.29], [-80.213072110482855, 26.369999999999997]] } } }"

What is the problem and why does this happen? It happens only once in a while.

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I had this error message come up and the solution was repairing the database.

mongod --repair

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