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I can't install node.js (0.8.9). I'm doing it via Setup Wizard and each time at the end of installation I get message "Node.js Setup Wizard ended prematurely".

What could it be? Thanks.

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Please post some details of your environment (e.g. "Setup Wizard" probably means some variant of Windows; it will really help to know just which variant you're talking about). It sounds like some sort of permissions problem with one of your directories, but nobody here can verify that or figure out how to fix it without more information. –  ebohlman Sep 19 '12 at 7:40

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This may help someone in the future. I got a similar message from the installer and found that I could go to command prompt and run the MSI with a command line option to make it create a log file (like node-v0.10.24-x64.msi /lxv C:\Logs\Nodejs.log), where you can choose what the log is called and where it goes.

In my case, we are running in an Active Directory domain environment and some of our folders that are normally local are redirected to a network share so they are always there no matter what computer we log into. Mostly for the benefit of our "My Documents" folder.

When looking through the log I found the actual error that I was getting:

  • WixCreateInternetShortcuts: Error 0x80070005: failed to save shortcut '\ad.local\system\users\<myAcctName>\Start Menu\Programs\Node.js\Node.js website.url'
  • WixCreateInternetShortcuts: Error 0x80070005: failed to create Internet shortcut
  • CustomAction WixCreateInternetShortcuts returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox).

Resolution (for me)

Oddly enough, just running an admin escalated command prompt first, and then running the MSI lets it install correctly.

I think the difference is that when you double-click on an MSI and it escalates, it runs as TrustedInstaller and while that account has access to everything on my box, it does not have network access. When I run an escalated command prompt, it is running as me, but already escalated (the MSI never needs to ask for escalation), so it works.

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Thanks for this. Running the .msi from an escalated command prompt did the trick for me. –  jimmykup Mar 3 at 21:27
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I did not figure out what was the problem, I just copied installed version and update system variable PATH with path to my node.js and it worked well.

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I had this error on Windows 7 x64 (node-v0.10.28-x64.msi) and was able to install by choosing not to install the "Online documentation shortcuts" during the Custom Setup part of the installation. Select "Entire feature will be unavailable".

enter image description here

None of the other solutions worked for me, but I did install as admin and log the output. The logs were not helpful (reported a FatalError, not much else).

Credit where credit's due - I found the answer here: https://github.com/joyent/node/issues/4516

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