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I'm working on wrapping my head around LINQ. If I had some XML such as this loaded into an XDocument object:

        <Item attrib1="aaa" attrib2="000" />
        <Item attrib1="bbb" attrib2="111" />
        <Item attrib1="ccc" attrib2="222" />
        <Item attrib1="ddd" attrib2="333" />
        <Item attrib1="eee" attrib2="444" />
        <Item attrib1="fff" attrib2="555" />

What would a query look like to retrieve the names of the group nodes? For example, I'd like a query to return:



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Something like this:

XDocument doc; // populate somehow

// this will give the names as XName
var names = from child in doc.Root.Elements()
            select child.Name;

// if you want just the local (no-namespaces) name as a string, use this
var simpleNames = from child in doc.Root.Elements()
                  select child.Name.LocalName;
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LocalName...that's it! Thx :) –  Bullines Sep 24 '08 at 0:37
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