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I am using a linux machine hosted via Amazon's EC2. Today, I moved all of the contents over to a larger hard drive. I use Coda as my text editor.

Problem: I can not view the contents of many of the directories inside my new data drive via Coda. I can view all of the contents in these directories via Terminal.

Things I have tried:
- Checked to make sure permissions were set for said directories, sub-directories, and their contents. These are all set to 775
- I moved the files to another directory via terminal and then moved them back to their original folder. This allowed me to view the files and directories that I moved, but none of their sub-directories or files within these sub-directories.
- Refreshed all folders, quit out of Coda, deleted the site connection, and re-created it. This did not change anything.

Any ideas of what is going on?

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Weird.... I had changed all permission to 775 at once, but some of the directories were still set to 755, so I had to change these manually.

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