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I have the following set-up causing issues:

  • MDB or MDE frontend in msaccess 2003 (11.6566.8221) SP2
    -- run from server share folder or C:\Development
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition with Advanced Services (9.00.5000.00)
  • Operating System ("server"): Microsoft Windows NT 5.1 (2600) = Windows XP

I run and debug the MDB and MDE on my development machine (which is the same as the "server") connecting to it using the same Linked Table connections derived from a file DSN.

I take and run the MDB or MDE to another client (mixed client enviroment in the hospital) and it hangs and complains about odbc--connection error on the first call to a table (which is a DLookup in the start up code)

I stop the code, unhide the Database window, and I re-link all the tables using the File DSN I am carrying around on my USB drive (same as on the development machine)

  • Note: the same setting in my File DSN re-creating as a new FileDNS on client = success)
  • browing all the tables (opening them in Table view from Access Table tab) = works
  • running all the forms again = works
  • system runs like normal

** NOW **

I save the MDB again, close the MDB (leaving ACCESS open), open the MDB again - everything works fine

I now close Access completely (no longer running), open access, and open the mdb -- error now happens, and any attemp to view a linked table I get the same error

Posible hint: The error message is unusual:

            Runtime Error '3151'
            ODBC--connection to 'SqlServerSAH0048645' failed

The following does work - open the file with Startup option set to open "UserValidate" form - in OnLoad event call ResetDefaultconnections (using down DNSless code I found) - reset all TableDefs.connection strings to:

strConnectionString = "ODBC;DRIVER={SQLServer} ;Description=RAHCC_DB; SERVER=tcp:,1500; UID=RAHCC_User; PWD=XXXXXXx; APP=MSACCESS; WSID=SAH0034510; DATABASE=RAHCC_DB"
  • delete and then add new tabledef records for each linked table
  • continue to open the form ---> everthing seems to work.

BUT.. as soon as I close access, and re-open --> doesn't work again.

Note - I am restricted to what I have (is Sql Server is installed on all clients) - I am restricted to a connection using the Sql Server driver - I am using Sql Server authorisation



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Please note the original connection strip generating the error is slightly different in that SERVER=SAH0048645,1500 in the string (I have tried about 10 different versions to get it try and save, and then work again!). –  dmc2005 Sep 18 '12 at 7:42
I'm guessing there is a question hidden somewhere in this problem description :-) –  Josien Sep 18 '12 at 8:50
I think sticking with the DSN-Less connection is a good idea, however if all clients have the required access then there should not be any need to re-define these linked tables everytime. Are you sure you are publishing the changes in the mdb and not attempting to alter the mde? –  Matt Donnan Sep 18 '12 at 10:13
Yes.. I had opened the MDB on an adjacent computer which is logged in as someone else.. and the problem would occur. –  dmc2005 Jan 29 '13 at 4:29
At the moment I am just redefining the tabledef on opening the database, which seems to work in MDB and MDE. –  dmc2005 Jan 29 '13 at 4:30

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