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I am trying to set up a web farm where IIS configuration settings are replicated between the 2 servers. I do not want to use a shared configuration as this presents another point of failure. I have both machines (WWW1 and WWW2) set up to use a configuration file on D:\IISConfig. With this done I manually copy the configruation files from WWW1 to WWW2 and WWW2 works just fine. I then took it one step further and added file replication to automatically push any changes on WWW1 to WWW2. Then I added an App Pool to WWW1. At this point I can also browse my website with no issues on WWW1. When I went to IIS7 on WWW2 , I could see the new app pool . . .- GREAT. I tried to browse the website on WWW2 and I get an error that shuts down the DefaultAppPool:

The Module DLL c:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\authsspi.dll failed to load. The data in this error . . .

Any ideas why this might be occuing and how to get arround it?


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Belongs on Serverfault.com?

I think that when you use the configuation file and path, it is pretty much the same as using a shared configuration.

I would check that you have exactly the same modules loaded as it sounds to me like you have a security module on one web server that is not on the other, the config file is telling it to load which is causing the server to fail.

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I would use the shared configuration instead.

In my Windows 2008 cluster, I have IIS set to use the shared configuration where the configuration folder is set to a folder on the local server. Then I have that folder set up as a DFS share. That way the IIS changes are automatically replicated in the cluster and the server's don't have to talk to a remote server to get the config files. This has been working great for years.

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I know this is an old question, but the actual issue here is that it failed to load an authentication module.

authsspi.dll is provided by adding 'Basic Authentication' as part of the Web Server role in Windows Server. I can see this being an issue if (like me) you're accidentally using Shared Configuration across 2 or more servers that don't have an identical Role configuration for IIS.

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