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I want link wiki-page to issue text.

[]() syntax links into issues pool.

[[text|page]] doesn't work.

How to do it?

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Use [text](link_to_wiki_page) where link_to_wiki_page is the full URL of the wiki page you want to link to. Just navigate to the page and copy/paste the URL from the URL bar.

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It works! Thanks a lot. –  adnako Sep 18 '12 at 8:27

You can also use relative paths. Here's an example from one of my projects:


I prefer this approach to full paths, since it's not impossible that you might rename a project or transfer ownership to someone else, and so break any absolute references to parts of the repo.

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or even rename the domain your gitlab instance is hosted under! (just happened to me) –  Brian Vanderbusch 2 days ago

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