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DataTables 1.9.3 with jQuery 1.8.1 dies on a validated (XHTML 1.0 Transitional, ISO-8859-1 encoded) page where I'm trying to use it, with the following message at page ready:

TypeError: nCell is undefined

Is there perhaps a size limit to the tables DataTables can handle? It's the biggest page I've tried yet, almost 700KB (mainly because of embedded styles), with one table of >520 lines and one with >160 lines. It also fails on a smaller version of the same table. Both tables have the sortable class, one contains checkboxes and the other contains radio buttons, and both have a single <thead> and <tbody> section. Unfortunately I can't post the full page since the data is company internal, but I'll try to create a minimal sample.

DataTables initialization code:

        "aaSorting": [],
        "bFilter": false,
        "bInfo": false,
        "bPaginate": false,
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Turns out DataTables doesn't know what to do with a @colspan in the last line of the table - I had to move the contents of it outside the table, and remove the row, then it worked.

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Did you try putting it in a tfoot? –  Kevin Apr 1 '13 at 23:59

was having same issue, as here, just in my case, columns count was lower than, sorting setting of datatables. "aoColumnDefs": [ { "bSortable": false, "aTargets": [ 11 ] }]

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it happened to me the exact error when the amount of columns were not a Matrix N * M .... That is, I exported an Excel spreadsheet as a webpage just to test the functionality with a fixed content for a report at work, and after cleaning up with find and replace, didn't realize that there was a conditional comment for unsupported uneven columns. Thought it was a class, and trying it now after adding "" instead of colspan, so I believe the error itself is trying to say that the jQuery plugin can't find the element to assign a class odd or even while going through the structure.. My 2 cents worth fwiw. :)

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I was facing the same issue when the no of columns specified were not equal to the actual columns in the files.

Try changing the aoColumns option

('#chart table).datatable({
    "aoColumns": [
                        null, null // as many columns you have

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