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I want to obtain some data from dbpedia. I have entities urls and want to get some information about localization. Now i call query like this:

PREFIX geo: <>
PREFIX dbo: <>

  <{0}> rdfs:label ?label . 
     <{0}> geo:lat ?lat ;
     geo:long ?long .
    } .
     <{0}> dbo:Country ?dboCountry 
    } . 
     <{0}> dbpedia-owl:country ?dbpediaContry .
     ?dbpediaContry dbpprop:cctld ?ccTLD
     <{0}> dbpprop:country  ?dbpropContry
    FILTER ( lang(?label) = "en" )

for each url (replace {0} with url). But I would like to optimize it and get result for more entities in one query. Also is it possible to not set url in each line?

Regards Piotr

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Hmm, it looks I already have found an answer for both questions. Do you know this( Solution is:


        WHERE {
            ?uri rdfs:label ?label .
            OPTIONAL { ?uri geo:lat ?lat .
                       ?uri geo:long ?long} .

        FILTER (?uri IN ({0}, {1}, ...)  )

Maybe it will be helpful for somebody else? Or maybe someone knows better solution?

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