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I still don't know how to implement mapreduce.

I have to answer this question..which is

Let A_w be the number of occurrences of w in the corpus.
Let C_w be the number of occurrences of w in documents that also have the target word.

For the target word, produce an ordered list of words sorted by:

Co-occurrence rate = if(C_w > 0) C_w * (log(C_w))3 / A_w else 0

Your list should be ordered with the biggest co-occurrence rates at the top.

Can someone give me an example of how mapreduce work or at least gear me which way I should get this to start?

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Learn what map and reduce are. Map applies a function to each element in some collection (in parallel, usually after splitting up the data). Reduce combines or aggregates the results of the map stage. –  Preet Kukreti Sep 18 '12 at 8:32
Preet is correct. Here is a good blog post explaining it in a bit more detail. ayende.com/blog/4435/map-reduce-a-visual-explanation –  Dan Csharpster Mar 24 '13 at 19:32

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