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I am making a unit converter for windows phone but I'm having some problems with class inheritance.

I have the class Measurement which is supposed to be the top class for the graphical content in my program.

public class Measurement : PhoneApplicationPage
    public void Convert(object give)
    public WindowsPhoneControinput supervar { get; set; }

Measurement does not contain any graphical content, but it's subclasses do; And here is where I am having difficulties.

The subclasses: Lengthco, Weigthco and Volumeco needs to inherit from Measurement but the compiler says:

"Partial declarations declarations of 'Phoneapp1.Lengthco' Must not specify different base classes".

Why is this happening?

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Please show the code for your subclass as well. –  Marc Sep 18 '12 at 8:16
I think you'll have to provide us with a little more code than this.. :) –  Abbas Sep 18 '12 at 8:16

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That happens because the XAML-code inherits from another class:

<UserControl x:Class="myNamespace.MyControl">

results in

public partial class MyControl : UserControl

If you want to inherit the control from another base class, you must use that in XAML, too:

<Measurement x:Class="myNamespace.MyControl">
public partial class MyControl : Measurement 
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