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Basically, my 0 OR 0 is returning 1 - that's not really what I wanted :) I'm not really sure why because if I select 0 OR 0 I get 0..

I think this could be because is_premium_dealer is an enum('0','1') rather than a bool (don't ask me why, I didn't design this database!)

Does anyone know if this is because of the ENUM, and if so how I'd cast it to an integer?

Thanks in advance! John.

SELECT is_premium_dealer, company_name,
(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM adverts WHERE user_id = users.id AND is_archived = 0) AS innerquery,
((SELECT COUNT(*) FROM adverts WHERE user_id = users.id AND is_archived = 0 AND is_deleted = 0) > 0 OR is_premium_dealer = 1) AS logicissue
FROM `user_profiles_dealers` 
LEFT JOIN `users` ON user_profiles_dealers.user_id = users.id 
LEFT JOIN `counties` ON user_profiles_dealers.county_id = counties.id 
LEFT JOIN `countries` ON user_profiles_dealers.country_id = countries.id 
WHERE (users.is_active=1) 
AND (((SELECT COUNT(*) FROM adverts WHERE user_id = users.id AND is_archived = 0 AND     is_deleted = 0) > 0) OR is_premium_dealer > 0) 
AND company_name like '%autocraft%' limit 5\G

The result:

*************************** 1. row ***************************
is_premium_dealer: 0
company_name: A Company
innerquery: 0
logicissue: 1
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
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Believe I might be able to wrap is_premium_dealer in BINARY(is_premium_dealer).. just testing now. –  John Hunt Sep 18 '12 at 8:28

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The answer was to wrap is_premium_dealer in the BINARY() function which seems to cast a string or anything into a binary value which can be evaluated as expected.

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That is because is_premium_dealer = 1 filters records by ENUM index. From the documentation - ENUM values are represented internally as integers.

The ENUM Type.

Suppose we have - enum_column ENUM('dog', 'cat', 'snake') then:

  • WHERE enum_column = 1 will show records where enum_column = 'dog'
  • WHERE enum_column = 2 will show records where enum_column = 'cat'
  • and so on...

So, you can use number in WHERE condition and without BINARY function, just specify correct enum index.

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