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For example: I have a txt file like :

text("hello") text("world") text("once") text("again")

Aim to replace 
hello  with string_1,
world with string_2,
once with string_3,
again  with string_4,

How to write the script?

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grep is not useful for this. Read up no sed. –  William Pursell Sep 18 '12 at 16:21

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perl -pi -e 's/hello/string_1/g;s/world/string_2/g;s/once/string_3/g;s/again/string_4/g' your_file;

the above command will do inplace replacement.if you want the ouput to console,then, remove "i".

another way is :

sed -e 's/hello/string_1/g;s/world/string_2/g;s/once/string_3/g;s/again/string_4/g' your_file


awk '{gsub(/hello/,"string_1");gsub(/world/,"string_2");gsub(/once/,"string_3");gsub(/again/,"string_4");print}' your_file
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A nice technique is to use a dictionary of replacement strings. Something like:

perl -pe '%x=(
    "hello" => "string_1",
    "world" => "string_2", 
    "once" => "string_3",
    "again" => "string_4",
    s/$k/$v/g while( $k, $v ) = each %x' input-file
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