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Oracle supports six calendar systems. Following are the different calendars.

  • Arabic Hijrah
  • English Hijrah
  • Gregorian
  • Japanese Imperial
  • Persian
  • ROC Official (Republic of China)
  • Thai Buddha

I wanted to know the number of months per a year in every calendar. Is there any sql command to get that information?

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All calendars have 12 months in a year. The length of year and individual months may differ though. Can you be a little more precise your question? i.e: expected output, calculation rules, etc... – Vincent Malgrat Sep 18 '12 at 13:01

SQL - not as far as I know. My favorite reference for this sort of thing is Calendrical Calculations. There's also Calendrical Tabulations which provides 300 years (1900-2200) of day-by-day equivalences between many different calendars. Ed Reingold, one of the authors of the afore-mentioned books, does have a rather nifty little applet which allows you to view the current date in many different calendar systems (which of course begs the question, "Which one is truly the right calendar system?") - find it here. You can also buy the software used for the applet here, or can [contact the authors]( code use (free software)) if you want to use it in free software. A collection of Dr. Reingold's papers on calendars and related numerical stuff can be found here.

Party like it's 1999...

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