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I have two servers connected via a vpn. Got to the send mails through a SMTP Server on the other server. My Server runs CentOS. I am using phpmailer (on php :P) and on the other side we have a Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server.

The IT running the MS Exchange server created a VPN and loggon from their location and authenticate properly using NTLM.

Situation it's like this:

  • Can connect without problems.
  • Can send mails anonymous without any problem at all.
  • Cannot authenticate through NTLM no matter what.

The error its always the same, I've tried hundreds if not thousands of combinations before finally give up. It seems that the MS-E does not recognize the auth type im sending.

The server response when I try to send a mail it's:

250-SIZE 31457280

<br />SMTP -> FROM SERVER:220 2.0.0 SMTP server ready

<br />SMTP -> FROM SERVER: 250-APOLO.xxxxxx.local Hello [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]
250-SIZE 31457280

With SMTP-Debug ON the response is:

<br />SMTP -> ERROR: AUTH not accepted from server: 504 5.7.4 Unrecognized authentication type

<br />SMTP -> FROM SERVER:250 2.0.0 Resetting

<br />SMTP Connect() failed.
2012-09-18 11:48:46 >> Error de envío: SMTP Connect() failed.

From they (IT guys) got the confirmation that they are expecting NTLM as a auth type.

This is the configuration I'm sending them (the phpmailer's):

PHPMailer Object
    [From] => noreply@asdasd.net
    [FromName] => Entorno Virtual de Aprendizaje de asdasd
    [Sender] => desarrollopersonas@asdasd.net
    [ReturnPath] =>
    [Mailer] => smtp
    [UseSendmailOptions] => 1
    [Hostname] => apolo.asdasd.local
    [Host] => apolo.asdasd.local
    [Port] => 25
    [Helo] => 
    [SMTPSecure] =>  tried all three of them (ssl, tls and "")
    [SMTPAuth] => 1
    [Username] => desarrollopersonas@asdasd.net
    [Password] => xxx_2012
    [AuthType] => NTLM
    [Realm] =>
    [Workstation] => 
    [SMTPDebug] => 2
    [Debugoutput] => echo
    [SMTPKeepAlive] =>
    [smtp:protected] =>
    [language:protected] => Array
            [authenticate] => SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.
            [connect_host] => SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.
            [data_not_accepted] => SMTP Error: Data not accepted.
            [empty_message] => Message body empty
            [encoding] => Unknown encoding:
            [execute] => Could not execute:
            [file_access] => Could not access file:
            [file_open] => File Error: Could not open file:
            [from_failed] => The following From address failed:
            [instantiate] => Could not instantiate mail function.
            [invalid_address] => Invalid address
            [mailer_not_supported] =>  mailer is not supported.
            [provide_address] => You must provide at least one recipient email address.
            [recipients_failed] => SMTP Error: The following recipients failed:
            [signing] => Signing Error:
            [smtp_connect_failed] => SMTP Connect() failed.
            [smtp_error] => SMTP server error:
            [variable_set] => Cannot set or reset variable:

I need a hand or at least a clue please, i hope this information it's enough.

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Apparently the server consider NTLM something different than your SMTP client (PHPMAILER) does. Check if it isn't REALM which you seem to have empty, and may be required ( no default ) with SMTP on exchange. The problem possibly can be solved at any of both sides, however, while you are the one who connects and requests, it's their server which doesn't accept something. You should ask them for some logs or detailed error message too, they should have errors in their exchange event viewer. I'd also check with some else NTLM client, just to make sure it is POSSIBLE to authenticate properly from your machine ( to find out if it's general authentication problem, or confirm it is PHPMAILER authentication problem ).

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Piotr, thanks a lot :). I would try the smtp whit some other client, i think at this time it's the better idea. According to the IT guys on the other side they do not observe anythign at the log que the server reject my auth. I also try whit the realm, i think not tried that one. You are most kind. –  Joako-stackoverflow Sep 19 '12 at 7:17

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