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I have the following entities

class A {
  Integer id;

  String name;

  @JoinTable(name = "othername", joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "id_a"))
  @Column(name = "name")
  List<String> othernames;

I'm trying to use the criteria API to find instances of A using an infix search on the name or the other names. Basically something like this SQL-Query:

    WHERE name like '%something%'
    OR id IN (SELECT id_a FROM othername WHERE name LIKE '%something%');

The following code is meant to do the right thing:

String search = "%something%";
Subquery<Integer> subquery = c.subquery(Integer.class);
Root<A> subqueryFrom = subquery.from(A.class);;
subquery.where(, search));

query.where(builder.or(, search),

I'm using a subquery here so I don't get duplicate results (e.g. someone searches for "a" and the name of an object contains "a" and the othernames contains an "a" as well).

Now this code does not work, because subqueryFrom.get(A.othernames) returns an Expression<List<String>> while only accepts Expression<String>.

I actually think that my approach is completely wrong, but currently I can't think of any other solution.

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You need to use a join for joining a collection relationship. Use join(), instead of get().

Also, you don't need to use a sub-query, instead just put the join in the root query, and use a distinct.


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