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If I use historical prices to create my database ( can be daily stock quotes from yahoo or google finance, or some forex rates), and each day if I update my local databases with the latest quotes by myself (yahoo or google services can be used again),

Without having any commercial data feed, can I create my databases from these kind of resources without paying any fee?

Commercial web service will be just testing some methods on historical prices, and give feedback to the members. It can be trading strategy testing, forecasting etc.

I just need historical quotes, I don't need any real time data feed or so. System will be using daily prices.

Any answer or idea would be great help, thanks!

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Please see 6 places to download historical intraday Forex quotes data for free:

  1. Finam
  2. Forexite
  3. Stooq
  4. Gain Capital
  5. Dukascopy
  6. Fxhistoricaldata

For detailed instruction how to download the historical data please visit: quantshare.com

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