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I have this piece of code:

  <%= link_to "New User", new_user_path, :class => "button"  %><br />

which works fine, but when I change it to,

<%= button_to "New User", new_user_path, :class => "button"  %><br />

I get this error No route matches [POST] "/users/new"

Any help at all will be appreciated. Thanks


<%= button_to "New User", new_user_path, :class => "button", :method => :get  %><br />

Works for me now, Thanks again.

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Jesus Rodriguez is right about POST and GET, but if you really need the button you can simply override the default method:

<%= button_to "New User", new_user_path, :class => "button", :method => :get  %>
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The "link_to" is looking for a /users/new using GET.

The "button_to" is looking for a /users/new using POST

If you create the routes for a controller using:

resources :user

By default, /users/new is a GET and not POST so, the second line doesn't find any route.

If you are thinking to change that action to POST I think that you should forget about it.

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Instead of forcing button_to to use a non-default method, you can also send a class to link_to.

<%= link_to "New User", new_user_path, :class => "button" %>
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To add to that, you can add classes to that to make it "look" like a button (as the answer shows above). In my case I am using bootstrap and did the following <%= link_to "New User", new_user_path, :class => "btn btn-default" %> –  butteredtoast Jul 29 at 21:43

button_to defaults to POST, and link_to defaults to GET, this is why links_to worked. You can force button_to to use GET:

<%= button_to "New User", new_user_path, :class => "button", :method => :get %>

You can get more information about button_to options here:

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