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I get the Trace/BPT trap core dump, when I try to run my exe. Please let me know your suggestions.

  time /backup/SStore/CODE/Smain.exe 00257947
SROMain running with trace level. 0

About to SetUpStockBuildMonitorSet up StockBuildMonitorProcessed 2 records

Trace/BPT trap(coredump)
real    0m14.17s
user    0m9.88s
sys     0m0.08s

and after trying to debug it through dbx(core file) below is the output:

/usr/bin/dbx32 /backup/SStore/CODE/Smain.exe core
Type 'help' for help.
[using memory image in core]
reading symbolic information ...
Trace/BPT trap in SalcDayList::GetNumberOfDeliveries() at line 92 in file "/backup/SStore/CODE/salclist.C" ($t1)
 92             return m_numberOfDels;

Please suggest a remedy....

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1 Answer

You've probably got array bounds checking (or something similar) switched on at the compilation stage. That does a trap that produces that message.

Fix your array bound error - I imagine it may have been on the line before.

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I get this error only when I try to get the profiling information for this source code, and changing the make file in such a way to obtain the profiling information. I included -pg flag while compiling the executable. –  user1680004 Sep 19 '12 at 6:16
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