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in svn 1.6, when I try to create a tag based on a particular revision number, tortoise fails because of a path failure.

e.g.: ${svn_url}/tags/ is empty, no prior tags created.

I want to create a like this: ${svn_url}/tags/MyProject/R1.0

svn returns the error msg: Error: '.../tags/MyProject/R1.0' path not found

now, if I first create a tag at MyProject level and then another one on MyProject/R1.0 that works. But I then need to clean up the tagged files when I created a tag with MyProject.

Is this a known unsupported command or am I doing something wrong?

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In Subversion tags are directory conventionally placed in the tags directory right beneath your project's repository root directory. For this reason you need to create all the elements of your tag path. assuming ${svn_url}/tags exists in your repository:

svn mkdir ${svn_url}/tags/MyProject -m "MyProject directory"
svn copy ${svn_url}/trunk/MyProject ${svn_url}/tags/MyProject/R1.0 -m"R1.0 branch"
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