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i have a datagridview in my form. In this datagridview there are 4 columns first 2 columns are combobox columns third is textbox column and 4th column is button column.by default the link button column should be disable.Now i have to select first 3 columns after selecting these 3 columns a button(save button) which is in my form is clicked after clicking this button, the first three column data must be saved in database which is working gud. Now after saving this the link button cell should be enable in the particular row.suppose if im selected first 3 columns of the first row after clicking save button it should enable the button column of the first row but it should not enable the rest of the rows. i used following code

private void btnSaveSettings_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
       bool msg = false;
       int i;
         for (i = 0; i < datagrdADDTEMP.Rows.Count-1; i++)

             DataGridViewComboBoxCell CatCell = (DataGridViewComboBoxCell)datagrdADDTEMP.Rows[i].Cells[cmbCategory.Index];
             DataGridViewComboBoxCell SubCatCell = (DataGridViewComboBoxCell)datagrdADDTEMP.Rows[i].Cells[cmbDataGridSubCategory.Index];
             DataGridViewTextBoxCell tbcell = (DataGridViewTextBoxCell)datagrdADDTEMP.Rows[i].Cells[txtDataGridNo_of_ques.Index];
             DataGridViewButtonCell Linkcell = (DataGridViewButtonCell)datagrdADDTEMP.Rows[i].Cells[btnDataGridLink.Index];
             string cat = CatCell.Value!=null? CatCell.Value.ToString():null;
             string SubCat = SubCatCell.Value != null ? SubCatCell.Value.ToString() : null;
             string No_of_Ques = tbcell.Value!=null? tbcell.Value.ToString():null;
             if (cat != null && SubCat != null && No_of_Ques != null)
                 Assesment_Business_layer.Businesslayer bl = new Assesment_Business_layer.Businesslayer();
                msg = bl.SaveTemplateSettingsBA(cat, SubCat, No_of_Ques);
                if (msg == true)



                 MessageBox.Show("enter or selects Mandatory fields");

         if (msg == true)
             MessageBox.Show("Settings Saved Successfully");

can any one of you help me please

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