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I have a call to a get action method with a list of query string parameters being passed to that method. A few of those parameters have a pipe '|' in them. The problem is that I cannot have action method parameters with pipe characters in them. How do I map a piped querystring parameter to a non-piped C# parameter? Or is there some other trick that I don't know about?

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You could write a custom model binder. For example let's suppose that you have the following request:


and you would like to bind this request to the following action:

public ActionResult SomeAction(string[] foos, string bar)

All you have to do is write a custom model binder:

public class PipeSeparatedValuesModelBinder : IModelBinder
    public object BindModel(ControllerContext controllerContext, ModelBindingContext bindingContext)
        var values = bindingContext.ValueProvider.GetValue(bindingContext.ModelName);
        if (values == null)
            return Enumerable.Empty<string>();

        return values.AttemptedValue.Split('|');

and then:

public ActionResult SomeAction(
    [ModelBinder(typeof(PipeSeparatedValuesModelBinder))] string[] foos, 
    string bar
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