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I have classes where the first 3 letters are the same

jobOne jobTwo jobThree

For example:

<div class="jobOne"></div>
<div class="jobTwo"></div>
<div class="jobThree"></div>

I want to match all classes that start with job. on a div.

How can this be achieved?

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You can use the following, substituting div for the element of your choice:


Also see the offical documentation: attribute starts with selector

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You can use jQuery attribute selector


also you can loop threw all the matches by

   // do your coding using $(this)
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Check this Jquery doc :

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Try this


  <div class="jobOne"></div>
  <div class="jobTwo"></div>
  <div class="jobThrees"></div>



Have more idea from here

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@welovedesign is that working? Please inform if modification needed. –  Codegiant Sep 18 '12 at 14:01

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