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My app saves some files into data/data folders on device. After saving that remote files, I handle that files copying them into other folders. All is working properly on all devices tested previously but on galaxy s3 generates a nullPointer exception. Seems that I am not allowed to write or handle files on that folder! but only with new galaxy s3! I am also not able to find any file on data folder using eclipse ddms file explorer while in simulator (same android version) I can see properly all app files! What can be different on galaxy s3? Thank you

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- Thats the Security feature of Android.

- You can easily peek into the data folder of an Emulator, but Not of an Android Phone.

- If peeking into the data folder of an Android Phone was this easy, then anyone could get the access to the DataBase, etc

Till now i have tested this on Galaxy S2 , HTC Explorer, Galaxy Note, all were NON-ROOTED.

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Ok, so do you mean that with new versions of Android I am not allowed to keep writing and handling files into data folder? What should I do instead? Use sd card folder? Does it mean that my apps that are fully handling files on "old" versions must be modified? Thank you – Jaume Sep 19 '12 at 10:47
@You don't have the access to the data folder on your Android Physical device... You can store you filed on /sdcard/MyFolder, and its accessible – Kumar Vivek Mitra Sep 20 '12 at 10:07

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