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I have following layout:

    <p:outputPanel layout="block" id="page" style="width:100%;height:100%;">
        <h:panelGroup layout="block">

            <p:layout fullPage="true">
                <p:layoutUnit id="top" position="north" size="60">

                <p:layoutUnit id="left" position="west" size="145" header="Menu" resizable="true" collapsible="true">

                <p:layoutUnit id="center" position="center">


In center layout unit I defined some blockUI component:

<p:blockUI block=":page" trigger="searchButton">

I would like to block whole page, but div with block layer is under layoutUnit divs. So I can see this blockUI layer in spaces between layout units only and I want to see it on top as first layer.

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Regarding to the primefaces user's guide as the following: -

Forms in Full Page Layout

When working with forms and full page layout, avoid using a form that contains layoutunits as generated dom may not be the same. So following is invalid.

<p:layout fullPage="true">
    <p:layoutUnit position="west" size="100">
        <h:outputText value="Left Pane" />
    <p:layoutUnit position="center">
        <h:outputText value="Right Pane" />

A layout unit must have it’s own form instead, also avoid trying to update layout units because of same reason, update it’s content instead.

Then we can not manage the p:layout or p:layoutUnit, since they are not under the form.

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Add display:block; style to the outputPanel like this:

<p:outputPanel layout="block" id="page" style="display:block;">
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Why not block the p:layout instead of wrapping it in a div and blocking the wrapper?

<p:layout id="page" ...

<p:blockUI block=":page" ...
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I tried with p:layout also and blockUI didn't show up at all. – tomi Sep 18 '12 at 12:55

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