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i have tried to make some stuff in my application made by c++ directshow i want to change the default render size (driver campture size) from 640x480 but it tells me that this size is not available but in amcap it works how is that ?? i have tried to stop the render by using mediaControl->stop(); but it seems that it does not work this is a screen capture enter link description here

you can find out more about it in my blog enter link description here

ok i have added some code here

hr=pConfig->QueryInterface(IID_ISpecifyPropertyPages,(void**) &pSpec);//," page ");
        if( SUCCEEDED(hr) && cauuid.cElems>0){

            checkIt( OleCreatePropertyFrame(this->owner, 30, 30, NULL, 1,
                (IUnknown **)&pConfig, cauuid.cElems,
                (GUID *)cauuid.pElems, 0, 0, NULL),"stuff ");



but when i click like what to change it says u can't do this stuff i'm using a IbaseFilter like source filter i' have tried to remove this filter from iGraphBuilder

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You need to provide more information and code examples before somebody can help you! What Screen-Capture Filter are you using? How do you tried changing the render size? Normaly you can only do this, if the Source-Filter is not connected! Before you code some FilterGraphs try your actions manualy with GraphEdit or GraphStudioNext. Everything you can do with these tools can also be done by code and they help to understand the working with the DirectShow Framework. – CPlusSharp Sep 18 '12 at 20:46
i'm using IGraphBuilder filter and connected with ICaptureGraphBuilder2 – merou mmxm Sep 19 '12 at 8:57

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